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Worker-owner at Agaric web development collective, co-author of the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7, and person who gives a damn about justice, liberty, and gaining the most power possible for all people over our own lives.

benjamin melançon

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Dear , @mickymetts very much wants campaigns like this to be able to be IndieWeb native— sharing images and profiles, videos, and comments and likes across sites. Advice for initiating a sharing campaign with IndieWeb principles when many people aren't there yet?

benjamin melançon

IndieWebCamp MIT 2016

This is the premier IndieWebCamp event of New England this week, bar none!

Location: Stata Center, MIT Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Join us at MIT for two days of a BarCamp-style gathering of web creators building and sharing open web technologies to empower users to own their own identities & content, and advance the state of the indie web!

The IndieWeb movement is a global community that is building an open set of principles and methods that empower people to take back ownership of identity and data instead of relying on 3rd party websites.

At IndieWebCamp you’ll learn about ways to empower yourself to own your data, create and publish content on your own site, and only optionally syndicate to third-party silos. Along the way you’ll get a solid grounding in the history and future of Microformats, domain ownership, IndieAuth, WebMention and more!

benjamin melançon

Here's a vagrant setup - - for Known - see - @indiewebcamp