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benjamin melançon

One more way @GitLab could be better than GitHub: Give creators more tools to manage their communities, and generally work to encourage a culture of appreciation of open source free software.

Per @johnonolan and @ErisDS of on a recent podcast, discussion starts at the 40 minute mark on this podcast, and goes just over three-and-a-half minutes:

This is definitely of relevance for - we want to be fully open, we definitely don't want to be driven into a private issue to discuss a feature that will be in the open code, but we cannot have our energy drained by help vampires or anything like that.

It's not currently possible to let everyone see the code and issues, but only people who are in the group/project edit issues. If that were made possible, a relatively minor tweak to GitLab's permissions, then we could lock participating in issues to people who have joined the Drutopia Software Cooperative, with the $5 entrance fee (and agreement to the code of conduct, ) will surely be plenty of a filter to ensure quality and respect in contributions.