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benjamin melançon

Minneapolis police murdered another young Black man last night.

Reportedly he was briefly tortured first with powerful electrical shocks delivered through sharp, barbed electrodes. The use of these electroshock weapons, Tasers, are common in police departments across the United States.

There is not yet evidence the murder was premeditated, but whether or not it was, the unnecessary shooting is another indication that the whole damn system is guilty as hell.

The community, minus some equivocation from its newly elevated elected representatives, is remarkably collected and cohesive in its response.

That this is not justifiable. That it was an act of cowardice by the police.

Being imperfect, having a gun (or having one placed next to you after you are dead), are not reasons for being murdered. The community stands ready to defend the victim from the smear campaign that police departments and

A man identified as Mel, a community organizer [ must be ], laid out to Unicorn Riot the unspoken subtext of events like these, that the lethal violence is one small part of a smothering repression:

Happens again and again. Common sense tells you this is on purpose. The reason the kid is laying in the street is because their real role is to show us whose boss. They shoot us every once in a while to let us know if we get out of hand this is what happens to you too.