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benjamin melançon

Yesterday Monika Bickert of Facebook talked at Harvard about content moderation. I fear for we 2 billion using Facebook for communication.

Basic gist is that their protected groups categories are race neutral, their credible calls to violence decisions blind to power imbalances.

Deciding what gets shared or suppressed is a hard job in a group of 2,000. I'm not denying the difficulty for more than 2,000,000,000.

The problem is Facebook's well-spoken, thoughtful head of global policy management doesn't understand how hard or how *important* it is.

Bickert said Facebook relies on news media to keep them aware when their ethical or practical decisions get out of whack.

But humanity relies on Facebook to do a better job allowing a free flow of communication to make facts known when news media fails.

Facebook seems determined to do worse than the news media it and Google are starving to death for want of ad dollars or attention.

Content Facebook usually removes may be allowed when it really becomes a topic of news, Bickert said, to allow people to discuss it.

What if the only way to get an important matter of life or death into the news in the first place is to share it on Facebook?

That was the situation for Korryn Gaines, who shared on Facebook in justified paranoia that police would kill her

No one at Harvard asked about Facebook permitting authorities to censor inconvenient livestreams while murdering Facebook users.

In the short Q&A time, no one asked a question about the urgent need for Rohingya in Myanmar to be seen on Facebook

The Rohingya face premeditated mass murder, forced deportation, and theft of their land. Put pressure on Myanmar:

The US needs to stand with the Rohingya just to counter the perception that there is no violence against Muslims we won't do or allow.

Facebook needs to rush to tweak its sharing algorithms to help stop this long-building genocide, let alone avoid suppressing the evidence.

Bickert said the point of Facebook is to connect people with people they don't know. Must be why it now tells me to follow Zuckerberg.

Bickert helps Facebook ensure people feel safe expressing themselves there. Could this please include a commitment to keeping us alive?

Facebook played a minor role in helping misinform us into the Trump regime. Is it obligated to help unite those who would lose health care?

The millions of us dying (even) earlier won't connect and express ourselves. For Facebook's sake, stop ACA repeal

Then ask your public servants in Congress to pressure Myanmar to give the Rohingya their citizenship back.
For background see (via Delete Your Account, ).

As gains power to help people connect and express themselves, we will do better than Facebook.

We need more than Monika Bickert's and Facebook's network of academics to consult with. We need people most affected by oppression in charge.