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benjamin melançon

Went to a great talk by @mathbabedotorg of

A woman asked for examples of malicious intent in designing algorithms. Likely due to the focus on big data and math, a big and clear example of malicious intent didn't make the book. But based on the definition of algorithm as something to achieve "a definition of success" using "historical data", i would like to belatedly add the massive voter suppression tactics used in the United States which intentionally targets Black people, young people, poor people, Native Americans, Latin@s, and anyone else more likely to vote against reactionary rich Republicans, to the talk's Question & Answer period. See for an introduction.

And buy Cathy O'Neil's fantastic book Weapons of Math Destruction at your local independent bookstore:

Oh, and if you don't want secret algorithms deciding how fast your internet should be for different sites, join the battle for the net, 2017 edition, TODAY: