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benjamin melançon

Don't ever tell anyone fighting for human rights not to bring politics into a space, if you aren't working to punish Trump politically for using an event speaking to Boy Scouts in West Virginia to argue for taking health care away from 22 million people, causing thousands of needless deaths.

Trump doesn't even have to lie anymore, because the context above isn't communicated to the people who need to know about it. Certainly not the children he just spoke to. He just says "Obamacare" is bad, terrible, and he's going to get rid of it (Obamacare being the Republican's preferred disparaging term for the Affordable Care Act, it is a propaganda term which has less public support than the identical law by another name). It is a bad law— because it doesn't cover everyone and it doesn't remove the excessive profit-taking by many providers of health care and medicines, and it doesn't entirely remove the inefficient parasitical layers of the insurance industry.

Health care is a human right. Recognizing this in the United States means Medicare for all.

And everybody has a right to and a need of a political education, which is needed if we're ever going to realize the most basic human rights.

Start with educating your Senators: