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benjamin melançon

While i have momentary credibility for working through a huge backlog, my recommendation for fixing Drupal's project application process

1 min read

0. Whatever we do, we must treat new contributors substantially the same as existing contributors.

Someone who got approved for creating full projects a decade ago (like me) aren't necessarily any more versed in best security practices or what modules are already available in Drupal 8. And a long-dormant user could easily have had their Yahoo account hacked, etc.

I want a whole new system that treats old-timers the same way as newbies, but a bottleneck at the RTBC stage seems eminently preventable.

Therefore in the short term i'm pushing to add more people with the power to give people Git vetted user status. In particular, to give kattekrab the power to give people the power to approve project applications and to know the existing people with this permission to ping when there's a backlog.

1. Ideal long-term fix: Anyone who wants to promote a project to full project status needs one other person with two promoted projects to review and endorse the project.

See the proposal to let anyone with an approved project (or two) approve anyone else's project, knowing that their reputation and permission to approve projects is on the line.